The idea to establish a Christian International School was conceived in 1986 when our Director, Pastor Monday Enwere, started an adult school in Kaduna State of Nigeria. The Adult school discontinued nine months after it was founded because our Director left Kaduna to the then Bendel State of Nigeria where he got a job with Conital Construction Company immediately after his National Youths Service (NYSC) year. The vision reverberated in the heart and Mind of Pastor Monday in 1996 but was delayed because Living Christian Bible Church (pioneered) was just at the brink of being born. Nevertheless, pre-commissioning road map commenced and continued until September 2007.

In September 2007, a Ghanaian educationist, Mr Christon Quoa pioneered and laid a solid foundation for Moncordel International School with 7 teachers and 30 pupils in a private residence at No 7 Chukwu Street that is off Steliian Road in Elelenwo. The news of Mr Quao’s ingenuity, professionalism and performance circulated the entire town and won the admiration of parents.  Hence, the sudden population increase and the urgent need to leave the humble place were they started the school. In 2009, Moncordel relocated to Elimnigwe Housing Estate, Elelenwo.

Interestingly, Moncordel International School that had a humble beginning now has over 500 pupils and students on roll with over 57 staff. The School has won several awards at competitions, made 100% passes at external exams and is currently developing one of the biggest school properties in the Local Government Area where they operate. Their mustard seed strategy of starting small, then, growing and glowing worked well. With God Almighty as their backbone, unsurpassed creativity and resourcefulness, many schools copy them and use them as their benchmark. Nevertheless, being the first school to introduce e-learning (instant lessons received from UK via integrated ICT platform) and the first to inculcate ICT studies in their curricula in Rivers State, the first to commence organizing inter-school competitions in Elelenwo, collaboration with other schools outside Nigeria, Moncordel stand to achieve their desired vision to become the high performing and most preferred school by parents and guardians in Nigeria.