MONCORDEL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Secondary is dedicated to the promotion of an holistic education, to providing a range of opportunities so that each child can develop their talents and interests both inside and outside the classroom. Our aim is to prepare our students to have the highest expectations of themselves both here at school and in the world that will encounter when they finally leave us.

To (ad infinitum) achieve high performance and remain in the hearts and minds of all stakeholders by providing an inspiring learning environment in which the intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, health and safety of the children of all ability and potential levels are guaranteed.
Constantly garnish approved curricula with critical scientific thinking and applications that equip the pupils and students with the information and tools for handling future life and education challenges.
Employing qualified, innovative, result-oriented and motivated staff whose capacities shall be enhanced from time to time through in-house and external courses.
Partnering and creating ties in matters of curriculum, exchange program and examination accreditation with other top performing institutions within and outside Nigeria
Fostering links with local and international companies and endeavor to obtain industry-sponsored ventures.
Organizing and participating in challenge sessions and in competitions
Relentlessly improving our standards and policies for quality control and assurance
Uncompromisingly teaching and observing Christian ethos while remaining open to people regardless of their race, sex or religion.
Continuously making education affordable without compromising quality.